Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What is your passion?

I'll tell you what I'm personally trying to work on right now:

Respect, communicate and clarify my passions!

Everything from realizing the small things in everyday life, make small changes in my life that concern one of my passions, or clearly take a stance and communicate the bigger dreams of my life.

Do you also want to work on that? Try to answer these questions:

*What is your passion in life? Or passions? There can be many...
*How do you practice your passions nowadays?
*What space in your life do you give them?
*Do you want to give them more space? What would you do? How do you want to do it?
*Do you need to communicate your passions clearly to others?
*What do you need to realize your passions further?
*What practical thing can you do right now, to realize you passion?

Please write something in the comments about your passions and how you reason about realizing them! :-)

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Naive, perhaps?

I'm pretty disappointed about Sweden at this point, to be honest. Or perhaps I've just been naive earlier. Or just poorly informed about things in this society.
What concerns me is that I quite often, with a frequency high enough to not ignore, get emails or am elsewhere informed about wives that stay in the realtionship with a substance abusing husband because they don't recon that they can afford to live on their own. They stay in the marriage with their kids because they can't seem to afford living expenses, food, clotes and so on without their husbands money.

A lot of them say that they want to get divorced and that it isn't good for the kids to live with a father that is an alcoholic, but they still stay for economic reasons.

It doens't seem right that children suffer because the mother can't make ends meet as a single parent.

Is it really that bad? How can it still be like that in Sweden in 2014? And, more interestingly, how could this be solved?

With hopes of change!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hard to see the solution to the problem?

Some more research has been done on the subject of problem solving and these are some of the findings:

* If you got stuck on a problem that you cannot find a solution to you can try and break that situation and instead do something that makes you laugh. It has been observed that people that are on a good humor have better abilities to solve problems.

* Although not very surprising, there are now research that shows that sleep affects our problem solving abilities. If we fall asleep thinking about how something should be done the solution to the problem can appear to us much more easily than when we ponder tired.

Long story short: Laugh and sleep and the solution will come!

Friday, February 7, 2014

When the emotions don't keep up

Have you ever experienced that? That your emotions aren't keeping up with reality?

I'll try to give an example:
Many relatives have sometime experienced people around them saying things such as: "But you have to leave him/her!" or "How can you love him/her after they let you down?"

My conclusion is that the emotions haven't really caught up with what is happening in reality. Logically, we can tell that the best thing to do is perhaps to leave, or that you shouldn't love a person that treated you so bad. But the emotions don't get that, yet.

To give another even more evident example: Let's say that someone you love dies, then your love for that person is not going to die as well, because of that. You keep on loving the person even if they are not here in the reality anymore. So, the emotions are not keeping up with reality.

I wonder how you are supposed to act in relation to that fact?
I guess that in some cases you let the emotions control you, even if they aren't based on how reality is, and in other cases you let the logic steer your decisions, despite what your emotions might be telling you.

Perhaps you can also accept that you feel one way but act in another, and that it is ok to do so. The two of them, emotions and action, don't always have to be connected.

Hmm... maybe I'm just rambling at this point…

What do you think? Do you have examples of when this has happened?


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Saturday, February 1, 2014


I took a course recently. That's where I learned this, something that got my mind working:

"Lies work because peolpe want to believe in them so badly."

I don't know... It seems pretty obvious in all honesty, but there is something with that sentence that sends shivers down my spine. What comes to mind when you read the sentence? Related to being a relative to a person with substance abuse problems?

Hope you have a great day!
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