Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Excerpt from the Self-Help Manual

Excerpt from the Self-Help Manual for Relatives of Substance Abusers: 

"In a destructive relationship, other people often wonder why the couple stay together, why they do not split up. Why the person stays, even when it is clear that the relationship is destructive and that the person is being badly treated and would be better off by her/himself. But the people who live in this sort of relationship often find something positive in it that no one else can see or understand. It can be, for example, that they feel safe. People often stay in a relationship because they feel safe: they know what they have but not what they might get. It is easy for us to be scared of change and new situations. Even when you are in a destructive relationship, you can still feel safe in it.  

Another reason for staying is the fear of being alone – it seems preferable to stay in the relationship you have. There are many different reasons why people choose to stay or elect not to change the situation. Also, the feeling of being needed by someone can be important. This makes us feel valued, important and appreciated by somebody. That feeling can be a reason why we do not look for change. The feeling of being needed by somebody raises our self-esteem temporarily. We seldom ask ourselves: ”Do I need this person?” “Do I need this situation?” “Do I need to be treated in this way?”  

Take a look at your own life and situation. Write down the benefits of your current situation as well as the negative parts and consequences. Analyse all the perspectives; your emotions, your physical and material situation, economy and relations. 

Positive sides of the current situation:
Negative sides of the current situation
E.g. I like to feel needed
E.g. It takes up all my energy

Test the exercise on your situation! Please write in the comments your thoughts and reflections
All the best!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Being lied to...

.... over and over again, and still choose to believe the person again.

Being a relative to a person suffering from addiction may mean that I again and again choose to believe in someone who has lied to me. For every time I want so badly to believe in pleas for forgiveness and that it never will happen again.

This may mean that I keep turning back to what's hurting me, over and over again. Even though I know, somewhere inside of me, that this is not good for me. I keep putting my hand on the hot stove even though I know it will burn me again.

This may mean that for every broken promise, I create a new ultimatum: If this happens again, I will leave! But I don't. It becomes an empty threat. No one believes my threats to leave anymore. My boundaries have changed and I loose my trust in myself. I don't protect myself, I don't take care of my own needs.

Then who should do it?
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